Richmond's Authentic NY Style Pizza

You wanna hot slice now? You’ve come to the right place. Our traditional New York Style Pizza is hand-tossed and made fresh daily. We flame-bake it in our hotter-than-hot brick oven to order for a deliciously charred and smoky crisp crust. Traditional toppings include rich tomato sauce and the freshest real mozzarella around. Additional toppings can be loaded right up on top of the cheese to your specifications.

In NYC, “the slice” is eaten as a quick street snack while folded in half, but we invite you to come on in, relax, take a seat if you like, and give our classic New York Style Pizza a try. Some folks fold while others use a knife and fork. Whichever your method, we ask you to give our authentic New York Style Pizza a try. And hey, we’re from NY, we know pizza, fuggedaboudit, ours is the best in town.